ShareSoc in the News

This page lists references to ShareSoc in the press and broadcast media.

Daily Mail, 2 June 2021, Bacanora takeover “offer” by Chinese company Ganfeng  reports that: Cliff Weight, director of shareholders champion ShareSoc, said: 'When foreign joint ventures are listed on the London Stock Exchange, it is very difficult for the rights of minority shareholders to be protected. 'Companies such as Bacanora need to be much more transparent, so it is easier for investors to understand the options and warrants that JV (joint venture) partners have. It looks like the Chinese are buying lithium assets on the cheap.' .

Sunday Telegraph, 30 May, Leonardo Governance Concerns quotes ShareSoc saying a CEO in the UK would step aside until the investigation concluded.

Daily Mail, 2 May 2021, Aviva Investor Revolt

The Daily Mail quoted ShareSoc Director Cliff Weight in its 2 May Aviva article   Aviva faces an investor revolt this week after angering shareholders by deciding not to claw back fees from directors who oversaw a preference shares scandal. The insurer was rocked in 2018 when it said it was considering buying back shares marketed as 'irredeemable' for less than they were trading at. It reneged on the announcement days later, by which time the shares had tumbled. It was forced to compensate investors. ...

Wealth Adviser, 24 Mar 2021, Individual investors feel there are barriers to their ability to buy growth stocks, say AQSE and ShareSoc

A survey undertaken by ShareSoc and Aquis Stock Exchange (AQSE), which indicated that individual investors do not feel they have good, equal access to growth stocks, has been featured on Wealth Adviser on 24 March. Click here to read the article.

Financial Times, 18 Mar 2021, Neil Woodford: the continuing fallout of a scandal

The Financial Times mentioned ShareSoc's recent Woodford webinar, where a poll of more than 800 former Woodford investors found just 5 per cent were persuaded to back him by independent financial advisers. According to our poll, the majority of the participants used either investment platforms or fund supermarkets, which allow investors to select funds themselves. Click here to read the article.

Mail, 14 March 2021, Extensive ShareSoc press coverage in Mail newspapers

Mark Northway, ShareSoc Chair, is quoted extensively in this article for new investors. The Mail on Sunday and Daily Mail is doing a good job at informing its huge readership about investing in shares and funds. Recent coverage includes The good news about Mail On Sunday and the Daily Mail is there is no paywall, IT'S FREE, so everyone can read their very informative articles, unlike the FT, Telegraph and Times. Also, the articles include links to the ShareSoc website so this may attract ...

Mail, 14 March 2021, SUPERMAN and #sharesocuk Support Shareholder Rights.

It is good news that The Mail on Sunday MailOnline is supporting shareholders and shareholders rights. I get quoted.... Cliff Weight, director of investor campaign group ShareSoc, says wealth platforms make it so difficult for customers to engage that they are 'disenfranchising individual shareholders'. He says: 'Most platforms don't even pass on information and if you want to vote the method offered is practically prehistoric. As a result they're throwing away millions of shareholder votes.' Weight believes platform Interactive Investor is better than most. Eight per cent ...

Investment Week, 10 Mar 2021, Woodford investors ‘must be prepared to go all the way to trial’

The Woodford webinar organised by ShareSoc and Mello Events was featured on Investment Week on 10/03/21 Woodford investors 'must be prepared to go all the way to trial' The article, signed by James Baxter-Derrington, quotes ShareSoc's director Cliff Weight, who called for a "significant change in culture" in the FCA when investigating cases like Woodford.    

Mail, 10 March 2021, Shareholder rights campaign featured on This is Money

ShareSoc's chairman Mark Northway wrote an exclusive article for This is Money on 10/03 highlighting the importance of shareholders exercising their rights. Click here to read the article in full.    

Portfolio Adviser, 5 March 2021
Press coverage of Leigh Day Letter Before Action

A ShareSoc news item by Cliff Weight, Director. Portfolio Adviser carries a detailed report on Leigh Day sending its Letter Before Action (LBA) to Link in relation to the Woodford debacle, with quotes from ShareSoc Chair Mark Northway. “It’s fantastic news that another critical milestone has been hit in Leigh Day’s legal claim against Link. We are delighted for Woodford WEIF investors and gratified that we have endorsed this claim,” said Sharesoc chairman, Mark Northway. “Sharesoc reviewed the various potential claims and concluded that ...