ShareSoc in the News

This page lists references to ShareSoc in the press and broadcast media.

Investors’ Chronicle, 31 Dec 2020, Woodford, Misplaced Trust

The Investors’ Chronicle have published a long article today. We understand the Investors’ Chronicle has 30,000 readers. Most of the article describes what happened. The crunchy bit is at the end….. The mechanics Five law firms have considered the viability of taking legal action, but which is the best one to turn to? ShareSoc, ever the champion of the private shareholder, has endorsed Leigh Day, who decided that Link was most at fault. The firm says that the case stems from Link breaching ...

Investors Chronicle, 18 Dec 2020, ShareSoc mentioned in 2 articles

Investors Chronicle (read by 30,000 subscribers ) has just given us two lovely name checks. This highlights the way that ShareSoc is increasingly seen as a powerful shareholder campaigning organisation and the source of reliable information about markets. The former article comes from the hard work we did establishing links with Primary Bid, which is, some months later, being reflected in press coverage. The article, written by James Dean, CEO of Primary Bid, explains the progress with getting access to placings for ...

The Northern Echo, 8 Dec 2020, Sirius Shareholders to Discuss Possible Legal Redress

Daily Mail, 8 Dec 2020, Sirius Minerals Faces Legal Bid From Shareholder Group After Anglo’s ‘Daylight Robbery’ Rescue Deal Daily Mail quotes ShareSoc extensively.

Whitby Gazette, 7 Dec 2020, Sirius Campaigners to Hold Next Steps Meeting Online Following Anglo American Takeover

The Scarborough News, 7 Dec 2020, Sirius Campaigners to Hold Next Steps Meeting Online Following Anglo American Takeover

Mail on Sunday, 29 Nov 2020, ShareSoc has given its backing to Leigh Day class action against Link re Woodford Shareholder organisation ShareSoc backs class action that seeks justice for investors who lost money in Woodford Equity Income By JEFF PRESTRIDGE, FINANCIAL MAIL ON SUNDAY PUBLISHED: 21:51, 28 November 2020 | UPDATED: 21:51, 28 November 2020 also in CityWire Citywire Financial Publishers Sunday Papers: Arcadia collapse sends Debenhams rescue … Mail on Sunday: ShareSoc, the powerful shareholder organisation, has given its backing to a class action being put together by law firm Leigh … 6 hours ago

Teesside Gazette, 28 Nov 2020, Sirius Minerals campaigners hold ‘next steps’ meeting for shareholders

The 8 Dec 5pm Virtual Meet for  Sirius (ex) shareholders and others interested was highlighted by the Teesside Gazette in an article in its business pages on 28 Nov, see ShareSoc was extensively quoted.

Daily Mail, 24 Nov 2020, Roadside Recovery Firm AA Banks on £218m Private Equity Rescue quotes ShareSoc Director Cliff Weight who questions whether PE funds opportunistically sell their assets at inflated prices: Cliff Weight, director of small shareholders campaign group ShareSoc, said the AA's performance would raise further questions about private equity-backed floats in future. He said: 'In 2014 the private equity firms decided that they were better off selling the AA rather than holding on to it, after loading it up with almost £3bn in debts. It was floated with all the encouragement of the financial services ...

The Telegraph, 16 Nov 2020, Moderna briefed out market-moving Covid jab data before general release

In this article:, The Telegraph quotes ShareSoc director, Mark Bentley: Mark Bentley, a board member of ShareSoc, which represents individual shareholders, called on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to look into the practice of companies releasing market-moving information under embargo. Institutional investors can use leaked information to inform decisions and this could be damaging to individual shareholders who effectively end up on the other side of those trades, he said. There is no evidence of leaks in this case. Mr Bentley said: “Market-sensitive information being disseminated widely, ...