ShareSoc in the News

This page lists references to ShareSoc in the press and broadcast media.

FT, 16 Nov 2019, Labour’s BT plans leave investors nervous

Our chairman is quoted by the FT, responding to Labour's broadband policy announcement. “The [Labour party] policy is fundamentally flawed,” Mr Northway said. “It will make the UK a no-go area for capital.”    

Daily Mail, 15 Nov 2019, G4S should be ejected from FTSE 4 GOOD index

Cliff Weight, director at non-profit investor group Sharesoc, said: 'These are unbelievably serious allegations. It is clearly time for them [G4S] to come out of the FTSE 4 Good index.' See  

Financial Times, 25 October 2019, Join the Club!

ShareSoc director, David Stredder discusses Share Clubs: ShareSoc is keen to support share clubs.

Telegraph, 22 October 2019, FCA not reviewing their handling of Woodford

Mark Northway, chairman of retail investor group ShareSoc and himself a holder of stock in Woodford's Patient Capital Trust, said: "There is a suggestion the regulator was asleep at the wheel, and therefore there is an onus on them to be transparent about the process they went through and the timing." see  

Financial Times, 18 October 2019, Angry investors count the cost of Woodford collapse

David Stredder, a private investor and director of ShareSoc, is quoted in this extensive FT article on the Woodford saga.

FT Lombard column mention of ShareSoc

Lombard 1 Oct 2019  suggested ShareSoc may sue the Thomas Cook auditors. ShareSoc is always pleased to get a mention in the FT. However, the FT were a bit naughty as they were quoting me from a story of some days ago in the Daily Mail, see . The FT also did not check with me to see if that was still our position. So I am writing this blog to clarify. Our issue was principally about the gleeful optimism of ...

Evening Standard, 3 October 2019, Top shareholder body backs Burford’s legal action

...ShareSoc — a body which protects individual investors — said Burford is right to take its own legal action to find out who may have manipulated its stock, claiming the Financial Conduct Authority lacks the firepower and has no track record of prosecutions when it comes to so-called “spoofing and layering”...

Daily Mail, 24 September 2019, Thomas Cook Small Investors’ Fury ...Cliff Weight, director of investors group Sharesoc, said it was 'early days' but that the body which represents small investors was looking at the role of auditors EY. He raised concerns in July about assurances the company gave earlier in the year that its cash position was improving and it was in talks with its banks simply as a 'proactive' measure. Speaking after the company collapsed with £1.7billion of debt, Weight said: 'We are concerned at the disconnect between management rhetoric and reality, ...

The Times, 21 Aug 2019, Plumbing and heating group Ferguson mulls move

Cliff Weight, director of ShareSoc, a retail shareholders' group, said that he could not see “any particular concern” with Ferguson moving its listing... See

Evening Standard, 8 August 2019, Hargreaves Lansdown Chiefs get £200m Dividend

ShareSoc's chairman raises a quizzical eyebrow in this article: