ShareSoc in the News

This page lists references to ShareSoc in the press and broadcast media.

Evening Standard, 10 June 2019 – Woodford Patient Capital Trust

Story about Woodford funds quotes ShareSoc director Cliff Weight saying the FCA needs to protect retail investors.

The New York Times, 5 June 2019 – Woodford Fund closure

The New York Times have printed a story about Woodford funds and quoted ShareSoc director Cliff Weight.

CNBC, 25 Apr 2019 – RBS Bosses Braced for Shareholder Rebellion “…The bank, which is still 62% owned by the taxpayer, has faced resistance from the Investment Association (IA), which has 200 members collectively managing over £7.7 trillion ($9.92 trillion) in assets, along with shareholder society ShareSoc and shareholder advisory body PIRC. Earlier this month, ShareSoc director and RBS shareholder committee campaign co-ordinator Cliff Weight advised members holding RBS shares to vote against the bank’s remuneration report…”