Courses and Tutorials for Investors

A directory of high-quality investor education courses, videos and multimedia content from various sources.

Investing Basics

Information for Younger Investors


Introducing your Kids to Investing - Part 1Video course - Click to Watch.
Introducing your Kids to Investing - Part 2Video course - Click to Watch.
Introducing your Kids to Investing - Part 3Video Course - Click to Watch.
Road to Riches Board GameBoard game for interactive learning aimed at secondary school students. Click here to know more.

General Investing Education

Killik & CoStockbroker & wealth manager Killik & Co have published an extensive series of useful educational videos, under the banner “Killik Explains”, here. ShareSoc has catalogued these materials for your convenience, here.
StockopediaA range of webinars (scroll down the page for archived recordings) and video tutorials are available from Stockopedia. As might be expected, they do focus on applying the tools that Stockopedia offers its subscribers, to help them construct and manage their portfolios. Nevertheless, even if not a subscriber, many of the webinars offer useful surveys of important investment topics. The tutorials are more focused on how to use the tools Stockopedia provides.
Share RadioShare Radio is a UK digital radio station, publishing a continuous schedule of investment related programmes. Listen out for ShareSoc director David Stredder, who appears regularly in Share Radio’s Smallcaps feature. Click here to know more.
A.J.BellStockbroker A.J.Bell publish a useful series of webcasts, which include company, economic and strategy commentary. Click here to watch.
interactive investor - Knowledge Centreinteractive investor have a good knowledge centre including Behavioural investing and jargon busting. Click here to know more.

Financial Analysis Courses

Behind the Balance SheetBehind the Balance Sheet is a training consultancy for professional equity analysts with clients including Schroders, Legal and General, Baillie Gifford, Ruffer, Pictet and many more. Founder Steve Clapham is a veteran analyst with many years of experience on the sell side and as a partner and head of research at two multi billion hedge funds. He now also runs online courses for private investors. Watch the video to learn more.
Cube investmentsCube investments offers live courses in investment analysis for retail investors, delivered by well-known Stockopedia author and analyst Graham Neary.

Corporate Presentations and Interviews

A number of organisations publish corporate presentations and director interviews. These can be useful to investors in understanding potential investments. Be careful, though: good CEOs are usually excellent salesmen, so treat any claims with appropriate caution and seek evidence to back them up, where possible. We catalogue selected providers here:

QualitySmallCapsPaul Scott’s QualitySmallCaps site has a good selection of probing interviews with executives and with a few investing peers.
Private Investor WorldPrivate Investor World produces and publishes a range of videos of corporate presentations, including recordings of ShareSoc events. We would like to thank PI World for their support. Click here to know more
Proactive InvestorsProactive Investors offer a wide range of videos from their corporate clients. It’s worth searching their collection for material on any company you might be interested in researching further. Click here to know more.
BRR MediaBRR Media is another source of a broad range of audio and visual recordings from their corporate clients. Another good place to look when researching a potential investment. Click here to know more.
EdisonIn addition to their research notes (mentioned here ), Edison also have an extensive series of video interviews with directors on their “ Edison TV"  channel.
Conker’s Corner"Conkers’ Corner" offers interviews with experienced investors, including interviews with ShareSoc directors David Stredder and Mark Bentley, and former director Leon Boros. The investor interviews are particularly useful in studying other investors’ strategies, which can help you refine your own strategy. You can also subscribe to Conkers’ YouTube Channel .
Five Minute Pitch TVFive Minute Pitch TV produces a range of corporate videos mainly for institutional and private investors. Click here to know more.
DoceoDoceo is a website specialising in information relating to investment trusts and funds. It offers fundamental data on these entities and presentations from their managers. Click here to know more.