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FCA Consultation GC23/2 Financial Promotions on Social Media


ShareSoc and UKSA have responded to the FCA’s consultation on financial promotions via social media.

We express concern that less experienced investors are vulnerable to simplistic and potentially misleading messages published via social media, which may tempt them into unsuitable, high-risk, investments. We therefore propose stricter regulation of social media messaging that may encourage inappropriate investment.

Mark Bentley, Director, ShareSoc

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  1. Giantspider says:

    Very concerned at yet another attempt to gag free speech – it should not be your policy. Just because those you might see as knowledgeable does not mean their advice is better. I see loads of what I regard as crap advice but it’s up to me (not overbearing govt or NGO’s or you) to dictate what I can or cannot read or watch.

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