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ShareSoc’s Bacanora Investor Group (BIG)

Final Update

    • Bacanora has now been taken over by Ganfeng who have received acceptance by 90.3%
    • We have achieved our objectives and the concerned investors were able to have their views heard, they met with management and an increased offer was made by Ganfeng (albeit it was only c 9% extra, and some campaingers wanted much more).
    • The campaign has now concluded.


Urgent update from THINK BIG to all Bacanora Shareholders – Please click here to read

Think BIG send Open Letter to Bacanora Board on 24 November

Think BIG posted the following letter “DO NOTHING” to nearly 10,000 shareholders on 24 October. Click here to read it.

(Please note that the original letter was amended and clarified following conversations with The Takeover Panel.)

ShareSoc’s Bacanora Investor Group (BIG)

Bacanora Lithium (BCN) shareholders are asked to join ShareSoc’s Bacanora Investor Group (BIG)

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Group Objectives

ShareSoc has agreed to support BIG to help individual Bacanora shareholders to communicate and work together for the best collective outcome.

We have the following objectives:

  1. facilitating shareholder communication (both between themselves and with relevant parties)
  2. helping shareholders to review and evaluate their current situation and options
  3. acting as a shareholder voice to involved parties, to relevant bodies and to the press where appropriate.

The choices facing shareholders when it was formed were limited, and we can make no promises that its activities will improve or expand those choices.

Warning and a note of caution:

ShareSoc has to be careful not only to avoid making libellous claims, but also not to over-promise to shareholders about what might be achieved. It would be very wrong of ShareSoc to encourage irrational exuberance amongst shareholders. ShareSoc will do its best, but we will also continue to feedback to you our view of what we think can reasonably be achieved. ShareSoc’s role is not to raise expectations and we will not do so, even if some of our comments may not be what you want to hear.


Bacanora is subject to a possible offer from Chinese firm Ganfeng at 67.5p. The Takeover panel have issued a put up or shut up notice. A shareholder action group has been formed, with c500 investors who collectively own >8% of the shares.

Introduction and Background to BIG
Daily Telegraph 30 May 2021
Daily Mail, 2 June 2021, Bacanora takeover “offer” by Chinese company Ganfeng
ShareSoc Patron Lord Lee Parliamentary Question about Bacanora take-over
Bacanora “offer” by Ganfeng – ShareSoc blog
Investors Chronicle, 14 Oct 2021 reports latest news

Group Updates

Think BIG send Open Letter to Bacanora Board on 24 November

Bacanora Update 30 Oct – Think BIG send letter to shareholders

Further updates will be published from time to time.

There is also a very active WhatsApp BIG group which you can join:

BIG Forum

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Cliff Weight, ShareSoc Director

Dee Patel, BIG Coordinator and Leader