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ShareSoc Investing Basics comprises ten easy 10-minute sessions, covering the principles of stock markets, how investing works and when to buy or sell, the various routes into share ownership and the best ways to research potential investments.

Do you have a workplace pension or an investment ISA that you don’t really understand? Perhaps you’ve decided to figure out how investing works, dig out a book or search the internet – and lost the will to live within three seconds? Or maybe you’re an established investor wondering how you’re ever going to get that ‘boring but important’ investment message across to your laid-back family?

If any of those stories sound familiar, the ShareSoc Investing Basics series could be just what you need.

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Episode 1

Episode 1: Introduction – what even is the stock market and why should I care?  

Episode 2

Episode 2: The Miracle of Compounding – how your investment grows over the long term, and why it makes sense to shelter it from tax.  

Episode 3

Episode 3: Risk and Business – the trade-offs between investment risks and rewards, and why you need to know how a company works.  

Episode 4

Episode 4: Supercharge your Research – an introductory look at how you can understand a company’s potential risk and returns. 

Episode 5

Episode 5: Fun, Fun Funds – funds, investment trusts and if ETFs are a less risky route. 

Episode 6

Episode 6: When Should I Invest – Should you bother trying to time your investing? 

Episode 7

Episode 7: When Should I Sell – the importance of monitoring your investments.  

Episode 8

Episode 8: How to Buy Shares and Funds – investment platforms and what to look for. 

Episode 9

Episode 9: Discovering Great Investments –  which information sources can help you. 

Episode 10

Episode 10: Summary and Recap – a reminder of the key lessons 

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