This page lists “leader” awards that ShareSoc considers companies have earned by exemplifying good practice in corporate governance and individual shareholder engagement; and “laggard” awards for those who’s behaviour falls short and we want to call out for poor practice.

Examples of good practice are responding to shareholder requests and concerns; good engagement with individual shareholders, as well as with analysts and institutions; good remuneration practices.

Examples of poor practice are holding general meetings at times and locations that make it difficult for many shareholders to attend; presenting exclusively to analysts and institutions and not offering the same opportunities to engage with individual shareholders; excessive executive remuneration.

Please contact us if you would like to nominate a company for a “leader” or “laggards” award.

ShareSoc has formed its views of these companies at the time recorded and using member recommendations and publicly available information. Companies are commended or criticised for the behaviour described. ShareSoc does not claim that the company is a leader or laggard in other aspects of its operations or that its behaviour is the best or worst example available. We describe it as “a” leader/laggard not “the” leader/laggard. If you feel that this assessment is based on inaccurate information at the time of writing or should be reconsidered subsequently, please contact us with further details.


LeaderExemplary Remuneration at Judges Scientific

I recently commented negatively on the remuneration section of the Annual Reports of Greggs and Avast. Today I read another Annual Report from Judges Scientific (JDG) and it’s a completely different story. I have held shares in this company which is a scientific instrument maker since 2010. The share price then was 327p. It’s now 4940p. Led by CEO David Cicurel in that period, as the Annual Report says the “Management is focused on shareholder value – profitability, cash generation, debt reduction, ...

LeaderShell: Leading the Way for AGMs in Covid Times

Shell has today announced a webcast for all shareholders, ahead of the proxy voting deadline for its AGM. It's slightly disappointing that only written questions will be taken, preferably submitted ahead of the webcast. It's also a bit of a concern that the webcast is only two days before the proxy voting deadline, which may not be sufficient time for those holding shares in nominee accounts to submit their votes. It is understandable that Shell may not have been able to set ...

LeaderBT’s CEO Sets a Good Example

The BBC is reporting that BT's CEO will donate half his annual salary to charity and has promised not to lay off staff. Setting a good example that other CEOs on generous packages should follow at this time when individuals and H.M. Treasury are making big sacrifices to protect the nation's health and economy. It should be noted, however, "half his annual salary" appears to refer to his BASE salary, as reported in more depth, here: His MAXIMUM salary, including potential cash and ...

LeaderMurray Income Trust AGM 5 Nov 2019

Murray Income Trust have launched a campaign trying to encourage shareholders, existing and new, to meet their fund manager and directors at their forthcoming AGM.  ShareSoc are great believers in making AGMs as useful as possible. The Murray Income Trust campaign is welcomed by ShareSoc.  So, I am happy in this blog to give a plug for this AGM and also for their bright idea for their shareholders to bring a friend and have a free lunch.   After your free lunch you can attend ...

LeaderPaypoint Listens to Shareholder Requests

Stephen Day says: Your mention of Paypoint reminds me that I must commend them for listening to a shareholder, namely me. In July I sent an email to the FD Rachel Kentleton asking a question, and I received a prompt and helpful answer. In passing I commented on the lack of a Dividend Information page, and she tasked her team with preparing one, After a few follow-up emails it is now operational. So “well done” to Paypoint. Well done Paypoint!


Laggard Laggards? AJ Bell Directors/PDMRs’ share sales, Numis, Invesco and the FCA

On Friday, 22nd May 2020 at 16:16 an RNS announced that Fergus Lyons (a Managing Director at AJ Bell) had sold 1.25 million shares at 448.637p and his wife another 25,000. Michael Summersgill (CFO) sold 5,000 shares and his wife sold 420,00o on 21 May 2020 at the same price. However, a day earlier on Thursday 21 May at 16.51, AJ Bell announced in an RNS that Invesco "has today indicated its intention to sell up to approx 31 million shares" in a placing, organised ...

Laggard Direct Line Group: How Not to Do Covid-19 Affected AGMs

In common with many other companies, Direct Line Group has "taken the easy way out" of handling its AGM when shareholders cannot attend in person due to Covid-19 restrictions. In this announcement of 21st April, Direct Line confirms that shareholders will not be able to physically access their AGM. Only proxy votes may be submitted. Direct line also say: Shareholders may send any questions about the business of the AGM to the Company Secretary at the Company's registered office or by email to ...

Laggard Bilby Disadvantages Individual Investors in Heavily Discounted Placing

Bilby plc (AIM: BILB), a leading gas heating, electrical and building services provider, announced on November 15th the completion of a fundraise of £2 million by way of a placing of new shares at a price of 11 pence per share; Canaccord Genuity Limited acted as Nominated Adviser and sole broker in relation to the Placing. The price of Bilby shares before the pacing was 23p and after the placing was 17p. The RNS says that the Directors of the company ...

Laggard You Couldn’t Make It Up: EDGE VCT

On 29 August, long suffering EDGE VCT shareholders had finally had enough. They voted down no less than 7 resolutions at the AGM, including voting out three longstanding Directors. Chairman Sir Robin Miller had 1.7 mio votes in favour and 3.1 mio against, Lord Flight had 1.7 mio votes in favour and 3.2 mio against, and David Glick (from the Manager) had 1.7 mio votes in favour and 3.2 mio votes against. This expression of shareholder dissatisfaction is unprecedented. It was a ...