Internet Resources for Investors

There is a plethora of invaluable materials and tools available on the Internet which can help you make better investment decisions.
We categorise these as follows:

2024 Macro Outlooks

This page is a resource hub for those interested in detailed financial and economic analysis, offering a wide array of perspectives and insights from leading financial entities and experts. It features a comprehensive list of links to PDFs and reports from various banks, asset managers, private equity firms and other financial institutions.

Data sites & tools

These offer you data and analytical tools which can help you to select appropriate investments and/or research potential investments. Some sites are free to use, some do charge a subscription.


There are many investment “blogs” available. We identify some of the better ones, containing useful insights from skilled & experienced investors. Most are free but, again, some are subscription only.


A number of sites offer discussion forums on investment matters. These can be useful to exchange views and learn others’ opinions of investments. Sometimes one can glean new & valuable information from these sites, but beware! There is often much misleading and ill-informed comment too. Best to only rely on information where you can check an original & reputable source. Don’t forget ShareSoc’s own members’ network, providing a private forum for our full members to discuss matters of concern.


Other sites

There are a number of sites not falling into any of the above categories that offer useful information for investors. These include the sites of important UK and international bodies and trade organisations that ShareSoc engages with on behalf of its members.


Don’t forget Twitter!

You can learn by following informed investors and news sources. Make sure you’re following ShareSoc’s own Twitter feed: @ShareSocUK. Some ShareSoc directors also have active personal Twitter feeds. David Stredder’s is @Carmensfella; and Mark Bentley’s is @marben100. If you visit our Twitter profiles, and see who we’re following, you will find some ideas of other useful investment-related Twitter feeds to follow.