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Our mission is to enable individual investors to improve their skills and knowledge of investing through regular, informal meetings with other interested investors in groups within which free discussion and mutual learning can take place.

In this video, John Lander, founder and former national chairman, explains what SIGnet is, its origins and objectives.

Welcome to SIGnet

SIGnet is unique, a national network of groups of individual investors in the UK with a small central coordinating core to support and enhance the benefits that members can gain from both the group and the network.

SIGnet gives individual investors the ability to meet other similar investors in groups whose format is designed to encourage free discussion and mutual learning. In consequence the individual investor is given the chance to better evaluate their options in making their own decisions in their investing. SIGnet groups are not investment clubs, there is no central pot or collective investing, in SIGnet the individual investor is free to make their own decisions in their own time in their own way.

This is a typical response from one of our members:

I joined SIGnet to develop my knowledge and understanding of investing. I find the process of meeting with other investors both educational and inspirational. The meetings are a very pleasant mutual mentoring in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. All levels are accommodated, respected, developed and encouraged.”
D.W. – Hobby Investor – Manchester. (Feb 2019)

SIGnet Groups

SIGnet has over twenty-five separate groups. Mostly these are local groups but there are also groups with a national membership as well as groups specialising in specific market areas.

In response to the pandemic all meetings are currently on Zoom. It is expected that when local groups can meet again that meetings will be a mix of face to face and Zoom meetings

SIGnet Members’ Area

In the members area you will find details of all the groups in SIGnet and more information on the SIGnet Tru Growth Index® as well as details of any Special Offers for SIGnet members.

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Members’ Newsletter and Forums

SIGnet members receive the SIGnet Newsletter each month and have access to the Members forum with every group having its own Forum. There is also access to articles and papers written by members and published in the Newsletter and elsewhere.


SIGnet Tru Growth Index®

This index was created to give SIGnet members a better idea of how their investments are faring compared to the general market.

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