Save at least £75 with Full Membership of ShareSoc, giving you ALL* benefits, for less than 90p per week (£45 p.a.), entitling you to 6 Premium events including Masterclasses in 2022!

Full Members’ complete range of unique and valuable benefits are shown in the table below and examples include:

  • Comprehensive 16 page + newsletter at least 4 times a year, focused on topics of particular interest to private investors, including unique reports on companies.
  • Exclusive on-line Forums,
  • Priority booking at events,
  • Obtain free support and get involved in our activities.
  • PLUS special discounts available from partner organisations. See: Member Offers.
  • Only Full Members have ShareSoc voting rights and elect the directors.

Associate Membership is FREE but your benefits are reduced e.g. a summary newsletter, may be unable to attend / charged more for ShareSoc events etc. All we ask of Associate members is that you have an interest in stock market investment and support our aims.

We strongly encourage you to join as a Full Member as we are a not-for-profit organisation and your membership fees fund the operations of ShareSoc, our campaigning activities and allow us to serve our members more effectively.

*Except SIGnet exclusive membership benefits, as described below. You can obtain these additional benefits by upgrading to combined ShareSoc/SIGnet full membership for only £15 p.a. in addition to the ShareSoc full membership fee.

SIGnet membership (or a combined ShareSoc Full+ SIGnet membership) offers access to the SIGnet investor group network. Through this network, you have the opportunity to gain experience and expand your knowledge through meeting other investors in friendly self-managed groups. SIGnet members also benefit from an exclusive newsletter and dedicated SIGnet member forums.  Go here to learn more about SIGnet. Membership of SIGnet costs just £25p.a. (with a special discounted rate of £15p.a. for ShareSoc Full members).  We also offer a NO QUIBBLE GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with your SIGnet membership and advise our office within the first four months of joining, your SIGnet subscription will be refunded and your membership of SIGnet will be terminated. No further debits will be made from your card. Please see the SIGnet Rules for full details. SIGnet membership alone includes all the benefits of associate membership of ShareSoc and carries voting rights in ShareSoc.

Click on an option opposite to get the immediate benefits of Membership. To take up combined ShareSoc/SIGnet membership, please join as a full member first and then also click on the SIGnet option to apply for SIGnet membership additionally. We will then upgrade your membership status to combined automatically.

Member Entitlements

Member EntitlementsAssociate Member (Free)Full Member (£45/year)SIGnet Member (£25/year)Combined ShareSoc/SIGnet Member (£60/year)
Masterclass & Exclusive Premium events – free of charge
Save at least £75

Save at least £75
"Informer" newsletters: min. 4 per yearShort VersionFull VersionShort VersionFull Version
Monthly SIGnet newsletter
Access to experienced investment expertsLimitedLimited
Participation in Campaigns on behalf of private investors
Networking with fellow investorsLimitedLimited
Participate in SIGnet investor groups
Access to investor resources on web site including: investor educational pages, links to "useful services for investors", recommended reading list for investors and AIM company evaluation scorecard.LimitedLimited
Opportunities to participate in working groups and consultations
Free priority access to ShareSoc Company Growth webinars / seminars (subject to availability)
Free priority access to ShareSoc Suppers: single company events. (subject to availability)
Free access to ShareSoc company visits (subject to availability)
Discounts on various investor services e.g:
  • Stockopedia
  • ShareScope
  • Research Tree
  • Mello Investor Shows
Access to exclusive online resources:
  • Private investor discussion Forums (excluding dedicated SIGnet forums)
  • Dedicated SIGnet Private investor discussion Forums
  • Newsletter archive
  • SIGnet Newsletter archive
  • Company AGM report library
  • Presentations & reports from company seminars
  • Executive remuneration reports
  • Book Reviews
    Voting rights at ShareSoc General Meetings