New Investors Start Here…

Congratulations on having reached this page which, we hope, will help you to embark on a successful investing journey! The journey may appear daunting at first, but pursuing it one step at a time can be both satisfying, offering constant opportunities to learn, and financially rewarding.

This part of the ShareSoc Investor Academy is sub-divided into a number of chapters, which you can browse at your leisure:


If you don’t know where to begin, you could call us for some general advice.

ShareSoc can provide some general advice for new investors (but not specific advice on what shares to buy or sell). ShareSoc members can obtain assistance by contacting us. If you’re not yet a member, you can join FREE as an associate member.


What is investing?

The difference between investment and speculation.


Understanding compound interest

A sound understanding is crucial to investment success.


Types of investment

Many types of investment are available, which are summarised here, though ShareSoc focuses primarily on direct stock market investment.


Investment dos and don’ts

What you should do and what you shouldn’t, distilling the lessons of experience.

Investment Strategies

There is no one method for investing that works for all investors. This chapter outlines some of the main tried & tested ones.


Choosing a broker or “platform”

In order to buy or sell shares you need an account with a stockbroker (some broking services describe themselves as “platforms”). This chapter explains the types of service and accounts that are available, and how to find one that meets your needs.


Avoiding Investment Scams

How not to get caught out by fraudsters.


Avoiding Dud Investments

How to avoid investing in poor quality companies that may go bust.