The Stan Grierson Award

The Stan Grierson Award is an annual award given to someone who has dedicated an enormous amount of voluntary time to help and support the activities of ShareSoc and benefit its members.

Winners of the Stan Grierson award include:

  • 2023: Wendy Lanham for her work supporting the activities of SIGnet
  • 2022: Peter Parry for his long term work on consultation and lobbying activities
  • 2021: Terry Nalden for taking responsibility for production of the SIGnet newsletter
  • 2020: Danny Wallace for his valuable assistance with the integration of SIGnet
  • 2019: Nick Hunt for his valuable assistance with ShareSoc’s GDPR compliance project
  • 2018: Nandish Haria for his work on the Beaufort Campaign, with special mention to Roger Lawson, Leon Boros, Bruce Noble, Nick Hunt, Tamzin Freeman and Tim French
  • 2017: Steve Holdsworth & Tim Grattan, with special mention to Leon Boros and Roger Lawson