ShareSoc response to House of Commons Education Select Committee

On 24 January 2024, ShareSoc submitted its response to the enquiry (click here to read the whole response), where we stressed the importance of educating about savings and investment and the potential role that ShareSoc could play to support teachers, e.g. via the use of ShareSoc Investing Basics videos and the ShareSoc Investor Academy.

The House of Commons Education Committee will examine the current state of financial education in England and consider what steps need to be taken to ensure its delivery is improved, that schools and colleges are more confident in its application, and that pupils and students are better equipped for a fast-changing financial and economic world.

The Committee will explore what we should be teaching young people about money, where financial education should sit within the curriculum, and whether the provision of financial education should be extended to primary schools and post-16 education.

Click here to read the call for evidence for more detail about the inquiry.

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