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ShareSoc members and directors have contributed a vast library of reports on the AGMs of public companies. Many contain exclusive information you won’t find anywhere else. If you want to check for or see the AGM report for a company of interest to you, try our company research feature, which lists available reports for each company and other relevant ShareSoc information.

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A catalogue of investment-related book reviews from our members and directors.

Corporate remuneration reports, as published within the annual reports of public companies are becoming increasingly complex and hard to understand. ShareSoc cuts through the obfuscation with concise analysis of what directors are really being paid, so you can form your own view of how you should be voting on these matters and whether pay is reasonable. As well as our own analysis for smaller companies, we also offer reports from the Minerva/Manifest proxy agency, for larger companies. These reports usually cost many £000s to obtain, but ShareSoc is proud to be able to offer them exclusively to our membership, within your membership fee.

Presentations from, and reports on, all our seminars.