One of our objectives is to enable individual investors to find and communicate with each other. By sharing knowledge and experience, we can all learn to be better investors.

To facilitate this, we provide a wide range of investor events for our members that offer networking opportunities. See the events page for details of upcoming events. These include:

  • ShareSoc suppers. These are local events where, as the name suggests, investors share a meal and are also able to see presentations by companies and expert investors. We currently run regular suppers in Richmond (West London), in Brighton and in the Manchester area. ShareSoc also supports the Mello Beckenham suppers, organised by ShareSoc director, David Stredder. We are very keen to run more suppers and if you would like to help us to organise an event close to you, please contact our office.
  • Growth Company seminars. These are regular seminars for investors, where 3 or 4 companies present, followed by a buffet and networking opportunity.
  • ShareSoc Masterclasses. These are educational events, where a panel of expert investors discuss investment topics and answer questions from the audience. Once again, these are followed by a buffet where you have the opportunity to socialise with the presenters and fellow investors.

Apart from these regular physical meetings, our forums facilitate electronic communication between our members. Note that you need to be a logged in ShareSoc member to use our forums.