In addition to the Terms and Conditions of ShareSoc, the following additional rules apply to members of SIGnet.


  1. SIGnet members will discuss investment issues as a matter of course. At no point should those discussions take the form of advice or be interpreted as such. Any investing decisions made by a SIGnet member should be made on the understanding that such member takes personal responsibility for the decision.
  2. For SIGnet to function effectively, members must feel able to raise and challenge points freely and openly. All members agree that in doing so they will be polite and respectful towards each other and will treat all information and opinions discussed in a meeting as confidential. SIGnet expects that all members will conduct themselves in a professional manner when interacting with fellow members.


  1. SIGnet operates through regional and specialist groups. Each group will have a Convenor either appointed by the SIGnet Director or elected by the group.
  2. The Convenor has the following roles:
    1. To establish a framework for the running of the group and to ensure that the group functions effectively
    2. To organise the group’s venue and meeting dates for the year
    3. To provide a link between group members and the SIGnet Director
    4. To encourage membership of the group up to an optimum number agreed within the group
    5. To convey the group’s majority views to the SIGnet Director
  3. The Convenor decides who may participate in the group subject to compliance with the Equalities Act. The success of a group depends largely upon the blend of its members and how they interact, and on rare occasions a person may be excluded from a group.
  4. Appeals against the judgements of Convenors can be made to the SIGnet Director.
  5. The SIGnet Director reserves the right to exclude individuals or groups from SIGnet.

Joining a Group

  1. Prospective members for a group may attend meetings as a guest, for a trial period of up to four months, following which they may be invited to join the group if approved by the Convenor and/or majority of group members, subject to payment of the subscription.
  2. Paid up members may, with the approval of the relevant Convenors, join multiple groups at no extra cost.


  1. Subscriptions are £25 per year.
  2. Once an application form has been completed prospective members may attend group meetings and use SIGnet’s facilities, for a maximum period of four months, before subscribing.

Financial Control

  1. Convenors are not agents for SIGnet and require permission from the SIGnet Director or a nominated deputy before committing to any SIGnet expenditure.
  2. Authorised expenditures must also be agreed by the Chairman of ShareSoc.

Election of the SIGnet Director

  1. The SIGnet Director will be nominated by the Convenors and hold office for 4 years continuing thereafter on an annual basis unless otherwise agreed by the Convenors. The appointment is subject to acceptance by ShareSoc’s board. The SIGnet Director will be required to sign the ShareSoc directors’ terms and conditions upon appointment.


  1. SIGnet offers online forums where members may share ideas and views. Use of such forums is subject to ShareSoc’s Terms and Conditions generally and subject to any specific terms of use of the relevant forum.


Last Revised 13/9/2020