SIGnet Groups

SIGnet is unique in this country, a national network of private investor groups supported and continuously improved by a central organisation.

It is the individual group that is at the heart of SIGnet.

This is because it is in the individual group that a private investor can meet other interested investors in a social and informal atmosphere that leads to greater investment knowledge and skills and, most importantly, gives the opportunity to increase investment performance.

The SIGnet group achieves this because the group and the culture around it are designed to provide an environment in which group members can gain most from each other’s skills, knowledge and ideas. The design of the group is deceptively simple. Every group has a Convenor who organises the meetings and a Chairman or Chairwoman, who may be the Convenor or someone else from the group. Both exist to ensure that the meetings are conducted in an open and positive manner. Overlaid on this arrangement is the SIGnet culture and an emphasis on free discussion.

Additionally the SIGnet group is totally autonomous. It decides for itself where and when to meet, how often to meet, what topics to cover, how big the group will be and who joins the group.

All this means that as a member of a group you will hear about and discuss subjects that are relevant to your interests in an atmosphere where all feel able to be part of an open and positive conversation.

This why SIGnet gives you the opportunity to increase your investing performance.

The Practicalities

There are over 20 SIGnet groups nationally with between 6-20 regular members. For the face to face meetings that will occur post pandemic groups are mostly based on locality, but there are also zoom groups that recruit nationally. There are also specialist groups dealing with specific investment areas.

Groups meet as frequently as they like, most meet monthly or bimonthly.

When you join SIGnet we try to match you up with a group local to you that has room for a new member or, if you prefer, you can join a zoom group.

SIGnet groups are not investment clubs, there is no collective investment or group pots, instead each member invests in their own time and in their own way as a purely private matter.

Privacy is paramount, what you invest in and what you are worth are your private affairs. When discussing changes in portfolios there is no discussion of actual figures, percentages are used instead.

The SIGnet group’s emphasis is on investment techniques and knowledge, not tips.

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It is the intention to provide local group coverage across the UK and to have specialist groups on a regional basis.