LeaderBHP Shows the Way With Covid-constrained AGMs

Like other companies, BHP will not be admitting shareholders to its AGM, due to current Covid-19 restrictions.

Unlike many others, however, it is doing the next best thing and holding an online “shareholder forum” on 23rd September ahead of the proxy voting deadline of 13th October, for registered shareholders voting online. If, like most individual shareholders, your shares are held in a nominee account, you should check with your broker/platform what the deadline is for submitting votes through them.

This meeting will enable shareholders to quiz management and hear their responses to other shareholders’ questions before deciding how to cast their votes.

You can find full details of the forum here: https://www.bhp.com/investor-centre/shareholder-information/meetings/bhp-group-plc-annual-general-meeting/

ShareSoc applauds this approach that allows shareholders to properly hold management to account in a Covid-secure manner.

Mark Bentley, Director, ShareSoc

DISCLOSURE: I do not hold shares in BHP directly (but have an interest through investment trust holdings)

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