Laggard AGM voting farce at Go-Ahead Group

Discovery of a voting error is incredibly rare. I imagine that the fund managers who submitted the dissenting votes were on the lookout and saw something odd.

Go-Ahead announced on 19 Jan 2022 that  its registrar, Equiniti,  have discovered an error in the collection of certain proxy votes submitted in relation to the resolutions put to shareholders at the Annual General Meeting (“AGM“) held on 21 December 2021. Had these votes been included in the vote count, Resolution 4 to re-elect Adrian Ewer as a director of the Company would have received fewer than 50% of votes in favour and, therefore, he would not have been re-elected as a director of the Company.  In light of this, Adrian Ewer will step down from the Board with immediate effect. In line with previously announced succession plans, Dominic Lavelle and David Blackwood, who were appointed to the roles of Audit Committee Chair Designate and Senior Independent Director Designate respectively on 1 January 2022, will now assume the roles of Audit Committee Chair and Senior Independent Director respectively with immediate effect. 

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Cliff Weight, Director, ShareSoc

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  1. Mike Dennis says:

    Not the first case of AGM voting irregularities. Makes one wonder how reliable the system is and whether its manipulated from time to time. Under Company Law is it feasible for a third party to audit a vote if they so wish?

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