Bacanora Update 30 Oct – Think BIG send letter to shareholders

Sharesoc continue to support Think BIG. ShareSoc have requisitioned the shareholder register and Think BIG have this week sent the following letter to close to 10,000 shareholders. This had to be sent by post, incurring significant costs which were met by crowdfunding from dissatisfied investors, as the company refused to supply us with email addresses:

Think BiG Letter to BCN Shareholders is a good write up of the issues and why we think there should be a higher offer for Bacanora.

More information on the Sharesoc  Bacanora Support Group is here.

There is also a very active WhatsApp BIG group which you can join:

Cliff Weight, ShareSoc Director


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  1. Tom Heaton says:

    I am the beneficial owner of 18,034 Bacanora Lthium shares (held at Barclays Stockbrokers as nominee). After reading the campaign letter from BIG, I instructed Barclays yesterday, the 3rd November, to take no action on my behalf. I think our Government should recognise the importance of lithium (not to mention many other rare and vital elements and compounds), and refuse to allow this takeover to precede to fruition, unless, of course, our politicians are as naive and short-sighted as Bacanora’s Board of Directors. Meanwhile, it is the likes of Xi Jin Ping (just call it the Communist state!), not the “independent company” known as Gan Feng, which will control Bacanora’s present valuable resource – and investors in the western world must accept some of the blame for this unacceptable situation. They did not stump up the relatively modest sum to complete Bacanora’s funding plan, when invited to do so.

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