Analyst Notes

Institutional investors have access to a vast array of “notes” (I.E. research reports) produced by analysts, generally working for stockbrokers or investment banks. These are often difficult for individual investors to obtain – an issue that ShareSoc will work to remedy.

There are, however, a numbers of organisations and websites that do make such information available for individual investors. Investors, however, must be aware that much of the research material is sponsored by the companies being researched. Sometimes authors or their organisations have a financial interest or relationship with the subject company. Hence, shrewd investors  should treat this material with appropriate caution and consider it to be a “marketing communication” (which it is often labelled as, under FCA regulation). Nevertheless, it often contains useful information that can offer valuable background for further research.

The following organisations/websites provide such useful research material for investors. Most are free to access. When investigating a company as a potential investment, it is a good idea to search these sites for any available research on it. We indicate where there is a subscription/fee, with the symbol $$. Clicking on the site logos will take you to the sites.


($$)Research Tree

Research Tree is a company research aggregator site. It combines freely available research (often from the providers listed below), with broker notes from a variety of sources for professional investors, to offer a very wide range of research. Research Tree also offers a free service for individual investors who do not qualify as HNW or sophisticated investors.

Please note: ShareSoc Full Members can obtain discounts against subscriptions to this service. Contact our office for details.

Edison Investment Research

Edison is the largest provider of commercially sponsored investment research. Readers should bear in mind that this research is generally paid for by the firms being reported on. Nevertheless, it is useful in providing forecasts that few companies publish themselves and there is often good competitive analysis of the sub-sector in which the company being analysed operates.

Hardman & Co

Hardman & Co are also a provider of commercially sponsored investment research.

Equity Development

Equity Development helps companies communicate with all investors by providing research and access to management. The company makes Investor Relations genuinely inclusive. Equity Development’s clients want to be known for treating all their stakeholders fairly, not just their employees, but also all types of investors, alongside a commitment to their local communities and the environment. They firmly believe that the integrity, strength and potential of their clients’ businesses are significantly enhanced by communicating equally and fairly with every stakeholder.

Progressive Equity Research

Progressive helps people make informed investment decisions. FCA authorised and regulated, and with a 15-strong team of highly experienced analysts, they provide freely available institutional grade research and access to company management teams across every sector of the market.

Investors Champion

Investors Champion are an unusual provider of investment research and commentary, specialising in companies quoted on the AIM market. Some of their output is commercially sponsored, but some is entirely independent, sometimes with critiques of companies the authors feel are overvalued. Investors Champion also offers a unique service ($$) to investors seeking AIM investments that qualify for IHT relief.


Daaimon are an independent research house, offering a broad range of research reports on mid-cap pan-European firms. Their output is free to access.

Cube Investments

Cube Investments is a website created by well-known Stockopedia author and analyst Graham Neary. It contains insightful articles and notes from several authors. Some are free to view and others are premium content available to paying subscribers only. It does not accept corporate sponsorship or advertising, so articles can be considered to be independent, though authors may have a financial interest in the companies they write about.