Takeover Panel

FT, 4 March 2021
Private investors lose out in corporate bids

A ShareSoc news item by Cliff Weight, Director Private investors lose out in corporate bids- Takeover Panel must change rules to compel companies to disclose acquisition approaches sooner ShareSoc Patron Lord Lee is campaigning for better disclosure in relation to takeover bids and has written this excellent detailed article in the Financial Times. There have been a number of occasions when individual investors have lost money by buying or selling shares when they were not privy to information which arguably should have been disclosed to ...

The Times, 15 Feb 2021, Investors left to fly blind on bid approaches

Lord Lee, Patron of ShareSoc was quoted extensively in this article in The Times about his concerns regarding disclosures surrounding takeovers. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/investors-left-to-fly-blind-on-bid-approaches-n6xlc2vv5 This was the second article in The Times about Lord Lee's concerns. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/takeover-panel-left-signature-aviation-shareholders-in-the-dark-m2752pd3w ShareSoc is fully aligned with Lord Lee and have issued a press release about this. https://www.sharesoc.org/sharesoc-news/press-release-116-requirements-of-public-companies-directors-regarding-takeover-approaches/

Stockopedia, 25 Jan 2021, SmallCap Value Report

In this SCVR Paul Scott highlights our press release relating to Takeover Panel Rules.

Shenanigans in Siberia: the Petropavlovsk Saga and Why Retail Investors Matter

One of ShareSoc’s key beliefs is that private investors are important and their voice needs to be heard. The current, for want of a better word, shenanigans, at Petropavlovsk (POG) gives private investors a key role in determining the future of a company. Background Books could be written about POG, and probably deserve to be. It is a gold miner in Siberia, whose shares rose to above £5 in 2011, before collapsing under the weight of debt and being rescued by an emergency ...