Woodford Campaign Update 3: Campaign Newsletter 21/2/21

For the benefit of all members, we aim to publish this monthly.

1. ShareSoc and Mello Events, in partnership, present a new, free event, the Woodford Debacle – Reflections, Redress and Reform from 6 to 8.30pm on 9th March. Reviewing in detail what went wrong with Woodford, the various claims for redress and what steps investors should take, including how to claim. Potentially to recover up to 70% of your losses, depending on which claim you join.

2. ShareSoc’s Press Release of 6 February formally launched our Campaign just before Neil Woodford announced his “apology” and his return to fund management. This resulted in a plethora of publicity.

3. Leigh Day, whose claim ShareSoc has endorsed, having secured claim funding and costs insurance, appointed David Standard to lead their marketing campaign and Louise Ahuja to lead their PR. Louise has been effective in getting the Leigh Day key messages quoted in the press.

4. Leigh Day have launched a major marketing campaign #Woodfordpayback to attract new claimants and now have over 5,000 signed up. This campaign is to reach the majority of WEIF investors that have yet to discover that they can take action to get redress by joining a claim.

5. The ShareSoc Woodford Campaign now has over 500 members and is growing rapidly. About 10% of those signed up to the Leigh Day claim have also signed up to the ShareSoc Woodford Campaign. We aim to increase this proportion.

6. The ShareSoc Woodford Forums provide the opportunity to put your point of view, ask questions, learn more and participate in a network of interested investors. See https://www.sharesoc.org/forums/forum/sharesoc-woodford-campaign-forum/

By Cliff Weight, Director ShareSoc

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