ShareSoc celebrates second anniversary

PRESS RELEASE 43 (01/03/2013)

In February 2010 the UK Individual Shareholders Society (ShareSoc) was launched as an organisation to represent private investors. Since then the Society has recruited over 2,500 members and has actively worked to promote their interests.

ShareSoc has run a number of campaigns on companies where we identified significant issues of concern to shareholders including Rensburg AIM VCT, Graphite Enterprise, Intercede Group, Lighthouse Group and BAE Systems, and achieved significant share price performance improvement in the first two. Intercede Group also eventually changed their Long-Term Incentive Plan (LTIP) which was the cause of many complaints and the delisting of Lighthouse Group was defeated. For more background on some of these campaigns, see here:

ShareSoc has also given much advice to activist shareholder groups in smaller companies, and made numerous representations to the Government on policy matters (including responses to public consultations which you can read here: ).

We now publish a 16-page newsletter every month containing topical information of interest to private investors, and have built a comprehensive database of background information on stock market investment. Our blogs, tweets and other digital communication media are widely read and we give free general advice to anyone who needs it on stock market investment.

In addition our in-depth company reports and notes on Annual General Meetings (which otherwise usually go unreported) are a significant source of investment information to our members. In summary, we have built an effective and successful organisation from scratch.

Roger Lawson, ShareSoc Chairman, commenting on developments said: “Our influence on the investment scene has been significant in a short space of time. It just shows that there is a demand for intelligent and unbiased comment on stock market investment. ShareSoc’s not-for-profit basis and focus on individual investors sets us apart. Regrettably the investment world is dominated by organisations and companies promoting their own agenda for commercial purposes, whereas ShareSoc members can be certain of getting clear and accurate information from us”.

ShareSoc recently held a general meeting for Members in London (photos are on our Facebook page), and our next meeting is a seminar where technology companies are presenting to members on March 20th. These are good examples of the events we organise regularly for members. See the Events page of our web site for details.

For further information, please contact:

Roger W. Lawson,
ShareSoc Chairman,
Telephone: 020-8467-2686

Or; Stan Grierson,
ShareSoc Telephone 01628-522514

Notes: Any members of the press who wish to receive a complimentary copy of our informative monthly newsletter should send a request to . Our newsletters cover not just the affairs of our organisation but contain general financial news and commentary. An example of our past newsletters is available on our web site. You can also follow ShareSoc on Twitter from @ShareSocUK.

About the UK Individual Shareholders Society (ShareSoc)

ShareSoc represents and supports individual investors who invest in the UK stock market (and who own as much as 30% of the shares in UK public companies in aggregate). We are a mutual association controlled by our members with “not-for-profit” articles and incorporated as a company limited by guarantee. The organisation is financed by member subscriptions, donations from supporters and by the services it provides to members. More information on ShareSoc can be obtained from our web site at .

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