This page contains all current and past public consultations to which ShareSoc has responded. The latest ones are at the top of the list. One of the main activities of ShareSoc is to make sure that the views of private shareholders are communicated, and your interests represented, and one way we do that is by responding to all relevant public consultations. Many of ShareSoc’s adopted policies on specific issues are documented in these consultation responses.

Note that some of the documents referenced in links are pdf files. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to be able to open and read these documents. Most PCs already have that software installed, but if not you can download a free copy from




ShareSoc and UKSA’s joint response to the FRC’s consultation on non-financial reporting guidance. Click here for our response


ShareSoc and UKSA’s joint response to H.M. Treasury’s Patient Capital Review Click here for our response


ShareSoc and UKSA’s joint response to the LSE’s AIM Notice 46 Click here for our response


ShareSoc’s and UKSA’s joint response to the FRC’s consultation on the FRC’s enforcement procedures sanctions: Click here


ShareSoc’s response to the FCA’s consultation on Illiquid Assets and Open-Ended Investment Funds is in this document: Open-Ended-Funds


ShareSoc responded to the FCA’s consultation on funding of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) with this note: FSCS-Funding


ShareSoc responded to the FCA’s consultation on business rules for firms providing contract for difference (CFD) products with this note: CFD-Response


ShareSoc submitted the following comments to the FCA on the Asset Management Market Study - Interim Report: Asset-Management-Study


ShareSoc’s response to the public consultation on the Green Paper issued by the BEIS Department on Corporate Governance is present here: Green-Paper-Corporate-Governance-Response


ShareSoc’s response to the public consultation by the FCA on its "Future Mission" is given in this document: FCA-Mission-ShareSoc-Response


ShareSoc’s submission to the Office of Tax Simplification on their review of Stamp Duty is in this document: Stamp-Duty-Review


The following press release on ShareSoc’s submission to the Parliament BIS Select Committee’s inquiry into Corporate Governance was issued: Press083. The full submission is present here: BIS-Committee-Submission


This response was made to the consultation by the BIS Department on The Non-Financial Reporting Directive: Non-Financial-Reporting


The following was a response made to HM Treasury’s consultation on Tax-advantaged Venture Capital Schemes (VCT, EIS and SEIS schemes): Venture Capital Schemes


The Law Commission have undertaken a public consultation on the "Fiduciary Duties of Investment Intermediaries". ShareSoc’s response is in this document: Fiduciary_Duties


Proposals to regulate Crowdfunding were the subject of this response to an FCA consultation: Crowdfunding


ShareSoc submitted this response to the public consultation on Venture Capital Trust (VCT) buy-backs by HM Treasury: VCT_BuyBacks


ShareSoc has submitted this note in response to the BIS Dept’s Discussion Paper on "Transparency & Trust": TransparencyandTrust


ShareSoc’s response to HM Treasury’s ISA Shares Consultation (covering technical issues on the inclusion of AIM shares in ISAs among other matters) is present here: ISASharesConsultation


Our response to the questions posed by the Competition Commission following their report on the market for Audit Services is contained in this document: Audit-Services


ShareSoc submitted the following response to the consultation by the LSE on the trading of smaller equity securities: TradingSmallerEquities


ShareSoc responded to the consultation on the capital requirements of SIPP operators in this letter: SIPP_Response


ShareSoc submitted this response to the consultation on possible changes to the Retail Prices Index (RPI): RPI_Response


ShareSoc’s submission to the Parliamentary Committee considering the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill which will encompass the changes to Company Law to enforce a binding vote on pay is contained in this document: ERR_Submission


Our submission to the Parlimentary Treasury Select Committee inquiry into Corporate Governance and Remuneration in systemically important financial institutions is contained in this document: TSC_Submission


An additional response to the Kay Review covering the specific issues of shareholder enfranchisement and the AIM market has been submitted - see Kay Review 2. See below for our main response to the Kay Review.


Our response to the Shareholder Voting Rights Consultation is contained in this document: Shareholder_Voting_Rights. In summary we support the main proposals, would like to see binding votes on pay being "special" resolutions (I.e requiring a 75% majority in favour) and would like to see AIM companies covered by these regulations as well.


We submitted the following response to the consultation by the BIS on "The Future of Narrative Reporting" which proposed substantial changes to the content of companys’ Annual Reports and other company reports: Future of Narrative Reporting Response


The Kay Review is a consultation on the operation of the UK equity markets and long-term decision making. We submitted this document to the initial call for evidence: Kay Review . See above for a subsequent response in addition.


The BIS issued an "Executive Pay Discussion Paper" on the issue of excessive and growing pay - the ShareSoc response is in this document: Executive Pay . Postscript: we subsequently issued this note to answer some of the questions and comments that had arisen in public debate on this issue: Exec-Remuneration-2 . Also see above for our subsequent response to the Shareholder Voting Rights Consultation.


ShareSoc submitted a reponse to the Sharman Inquiry on "going concern and liquidity risks". It is in this document: Sharman_Response


ShareSoc responded to the Independent Commision on Banking with this submission in response to their Interim Report: ICB_Consultation_Response. In summary we agree with much of the report but are not in favour of a UK "retail ring-fence".


ShareSoc comments on the FRC proposals on "Effective Company Stewardship" and the proposal to drop printed annual reports: FRC_Response. A supplementary response covering the issue of Nomination Committees was also submitted in this document: FRC_Response_Supp


ShareSoc objects to proposal to outlaw execution-only trading. See Consultation Response: MIFID_Response