New Website Launched!


After almost a year of development, we are proud and excited to announce the launch of the new ShareSoc website.

I would like to thank  all those members who donated generously to fund this development. I would also like to thank Mark Bentley for volunteering a huge amount of his time to manage the project. Mark was ably supported by our developers Chillibyte, and my thanks also go to them and to Angela Watt, for volunteering to transfer much of the content of our old website to the new one.

As well as having a modern, professional appearance, the new site is designed to be more usable. It is now “responsive”, meaning that it can be used more easily on mobile phones and tablets, as well as desktop computers. In addition to the search facility at the top right of each page, you will find a comprehensive menu system, making it easier to navigate the site and find what you’re looking for.

Details of the services we offer, including campaigns and consultations we’re involved in, can be found under the “About” menu. You will find ShareSoc news, our blog, AGM report and Newsletter summaries under the “News” menu. Our blog is now fully integrated into the new website.

A major new feature of the site is the “ShareSoc Investor Academy” (SIA), which is where our educational content lies. Existing educational resources have been moved from the old site to the SIA, and some new content has been created, with more to be added over the coming months. As a result, certain pages in the SIA are marked as “under construction”.

If you view a blog post, or a ShareSoc event, you’ll find the ability to subscribe to each of those, in order to receive notifications to your email inbox whenever a new blog post or event is published. Do take advantage of that, to keep up to date with what’s going on. NB if you subscribed to receive notifications from our old blog, you will need to re-subscribe on the new blog.

Finally, every page offers a “Feedback” tab, at the bottom of the page. Please use this to report any issues or comments.

The launch of the new site represents the first major phase of our IT Upgrade Project. There is much more work we’d like to do, to improve the service we offer you. The next phase involves implementation of a membership “back end” to the site, which will allow us to offer a wide range of member focused enhancements, including:

  • Speedier sign up to our events – no need to re-enter your details each time.
  • Self-maintenance of your “profile”, allowing you to specify more accurately what emails you do & don’t want to receive from us, thus ensuring that you only get what you want.
  • Integrating exclusive content from our Ning website, whilst ensuring that only full members can access that content (e.g. AGM Reports). This will make that content easier for our full members to access. See this page for details of the exclusive content available to full members of ShareSoc.

In order to complete these later phases, we will need to raise further funds, as detailed on the IT Upgrade project page. Please visit that page, if you can help us to reach that target by making a contribution.

We hope you enjoy exploring and using the new ShareSoc website.

Mark Northway



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