BETTER FINANCE publishes ShareSoc Investing Basics Videos

BETTER FINANCE is a pan-European organisation that aims to empower consumers in the field of finance. It works towards promoting financial literacy and providing consumers with the necessary information and resources to make informed financial decisions. The organisation also advocates for fair and transparent financial practices, and campaigns for better consumer protection. BETTER FINANCE has a network of national partners and representatives, who work together to achieve its goals. Through its initiatives and programs, BETTER FINANCE aims to create a better and more equitable financial environment for all European consumers. By fostering financial literacy and improving consumer protection, BETTER FINANCE is working towards a future where everyone has access to the financial information and the support that they need to secure their financial wellbeing.

ShareSoc is a member of BETTER FINANCE and attends many of their meetings and conferences. ShareSoc also benefits from the policy papers that BETTER FINANCE produce, which we can share with UK Government and regulators so enhancing our credibility and reputation, which helps us to get listened to. Mark Northway is our BETTER FINANCE representative and is an observer on their Board. (Mark is also Chair of the World Federation of Investors, so can input two perspectives.)  

ShareSoc is working with BETTER FINANCE to maximise the impact of the ShareSoc Investing Basics Videos throughout Europe. BETTER FINANCE have now made the videos available through their YouTube channel see   

We are working with BETTER FINANCE to identify ways for each of the 27 EU countries to use the videos. Those readers who have watched the videos will know they are in English, but they can be subtitled in other languages quite easily and this may be useful in some countries where many people don’t have a good understanding of English. In other countries we may need to dub them into another language. 

BETTER FINANCE has reviewed the videos and endorsed them:  

Aleksandra Mączyńska, Executive Director for BETTER FINANCE said :

“I congratulate ShareSoc for this excellent initiative! ShareSoc Investing Basics and its investor education videos provide badly needed tools and information for all those people who are looking to invest but don’t know where to start. Individual investors need access to independent and clear information to empower them and help them make informed decisions, especially since conditions over the last two years have led to the emergence of a new generation of retail investors with a do-it-yourself approach. ShareSoc Investing Basics helps them navigate the increasingly complex myriad investment products out there. After all, investing is not a full-time job.” 


If you have not watched the ShareSoc Investing Basics videos then we recommend you do soclick here to do so. They are free to view. Please also forward to others who might be interested.

This News item is written by ShareSoc Education Director, Cliff Weight.

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