Better Finance endorses ShareSoc Investing Basics

Better Finance, The European Federation of Investors and Financial Services Users, has given a strong endorsement of ShareSoc Investing Basics, our recently launched educational video series:

Aleksandra Mączyńska, Executive Director for BETTER FINANCE said : “I congratulate ShareSoc for this excellent initiative! ShareSoc Investing Basics and its investor education videos provide badly needed tools and information for all those people who are looking to invest but don’t know where to start. Individual investors need access to independent and clear information to empower them and help them make informed decisions, especially since conditions over the last two years have led to the emergence of a new generation of retail investors with a do-it-yourself approach. ShareSoc Investing Basics helps them navigate the increasingly complex myriad investment products out there. After all, investing is not a full-time job.”

Investing Basics is now also included in the Better Finance video gallery on their website, and Better Finance will promote these videos on their social media channels.

If you have not already watched the ShareSoc Investing Basics videos, they can be viewed via

This is a ShareSoc News Item written by Cliff Weight, ShareSoc Director responsible for Education.

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