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This page contains a list of the contents of all past newsletters issued by ShareSoc. Our Newsletters contain a mixture of topical news items and longer, more in-depth, analyses and reports.

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Christmas Special – December 2017

Editorial, Stan Grierson Memorial Award, Christmas Contests With Prizes, Why I Still Won't Invest in Banks, CLIG - Exemplary Transparency, Exemplary Culture, Lloyds Case Impressions, Ideagen AGM and Return on Capital, On-Line AGMs and City of London Investment Trust, Leon Boros: "Wey to go", Confessions of a Tax Avoider, Johnston Press, Blancco Technology and Intercede, National Grid, Johnston Press, Crown Place VCT, Lloyds Bank and LoopUp, Chancellor's Budget and How It Affects You, Round up on recent FRC and FCA developments, ...

November 2017

Editorial, VCT primer, ShareSoc and the GDPR: Help Wanted, Performance Related Pay - Does it work? It Depends, Abcam, Voting and Non-Executives, Obituary – Steve Marshall, ShareSoc supports Report on Pension Savings and its recommendations, Lloyds Bank / HBOS Legal Case, Accrol and Pricing Power, Leon Boros: Accounting for Growth, Guidance for UK Boards on Stakeholders, Lifting the lid on the FRC, Interesting AGMs, or not – Rosslyn and Dunelm, A 6% Yield & Money Back in 2023, What’s Not to Like?, On-Line Estate Agents and Crowdfunding, Dual class share structures: threat or opportunity?, Events Calendar, AGM Reports, Sharesoc Open Letter To The Board Of ...

October 2017

Editorial, ShareDeal Active Nominee Account, Foresight 4 VCT – Big Changes Needed, Barclays Stockbroking Complaints, ShareSoc Responds to the LSE’s AIM Discussion Paper, Sophos, Interquest, Government Policy, Leon Boros: The Tortoise and the Hare, Review: ShareSoc Investor Event London 13/9/17, ShareSoc’s Response to Patient Capital Review, Events Calendar, Recent AGM Reports This is a summary of the articles contained in this newsletter. Go here to learn how to obtain our newsletters and read the full contents.

September 2017

Editorial, Vested Interests Win a Battle...but We Will Win the War!, Government delivers a damp squib on executive pay, Another Fat Cat Payoff at Hunting, The Internet of Things - Telit and Tern, Another Financial Services Scandal: Broker Fined, Telit: Warning Signs in the Remuneration Report, How Many Stocks, Leon Boros: Momentum Leads the Way, Focus on Non Executive Directors, Saudi Aramco - The LSE Shows Its True Colours, Spotting danger ahead, RBS Shareholder event hijacked by other stakeholder groups, Departures ...

August Summer Special 2017

Editorial, VCT Investors Group Campaign, Help Improve Annual Reports, National Grid and Electric Cars, Leon Boros: Anchors Aweigh in Omaha, AIM Rules Review, Performance Fees - Don't You Just Hate Them?, Report: ShareSoc Investor Seminar Manchester 11.7.17, Grenfell: Lessons for the Investment Community, Events Calendar, Guide to ShareSoc's new Events Page, AGM Reports This is a summary of the articles contained in this newsletter. Go here to learn how to obtain our newsletters and read the full contents.
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