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This page contains a list of the contents of all past newsletters issued by ShareSoc. Our Newsletters contain a mixture of topical news items and longer, more in-depth, analyses and reports.

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July 2016

Elliott Take Stake in British Empire, Teathers Financial, EGM Called at New World Oil & Gas, BSD Crown EGM, SABMiller Bid Queried, Volkswagen Legal Action, RBS and Pre-Packs, Berkeley Results, AIM Market and Directa Plus, LSE Merger, Whitbread AGM, Brexit News, Update on IT Project, Open-Ended Property Funds, Where Bonds Are Concerned Trust No-One, Cash or Shares - Which is Best?, Investing By Numbers - Does it Work?

June 2016

AIM Campaign, Leeds Seminar, Pay Guidelines, Brexit Referendum - An Investment Analysis, London Seminar, Perverse EU Regulation, Rolls-Royce and Voting Procedures, Share Buy-Backs, Teathers Financial, Future ShareSoc Events, Alliance Trust and RIT Capital, Financial Repression, IT Project, Pay at WPP

May 2016

Lakehouse & Stock Spirits & Sprue Aegis, Leeds Seminar, Atlantis Japan Growth Fund, Rightmove AGM, Pearson AGM, Alliance Trust AGM, Rolls-Royce AGM, LSE AGM and AIM, Remuneration and Votes Against, BP AGM, Future ShareSoc Events, Pay at Weir & Reckitt-Benckiser & WPP, Anglo American, Book Review: Defensive Value Investor, Spreading Rumours, Pre-Emption Resolutions Likely to Change, New ShareSoc Directors, North-West Discussion Group.

April 2016

Serving You Better Appeal, Budget Report, Prime Minister Resigns, Lakehouse, Tungsten and Founders Coming Back, Stock Spirits, FAMR and Advice Services, Active Equity Funds Underperform, Spreading Rumours About Stocks, Remuneration Guidelines, BP Plc, Future ShareSoc Events, Remuneration: Gulf Marine Services, Remuneration: Alliance Trust, Eurovote.

March 2016

LSE - Deutsche Borse Merger and Brexit, What's Spooking the Property Market?, Commercial Property and Brexit, Brexit Survey Results, Earthport Hit by Apparent Fraud, Stanley Gibbons in Fund Raising, Alliance Trust Results, Dunedin Enterprise to Wind Up, BP Remuneration Review, How to Hold Shares - IC Article, Expensive to Die?, CMA Ofgem and Data Protection Rules, The Non-Financial Reporting Directive, The AIM Market and Improving It, Seminar Reports.
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