April 2018

Editorial, RBS: Shareholder Committee Resolution will be put to the AGM, ShareSoc’s RBS Campaign: Press Coverage, Royal Bank of Scotland Rights Issue Settlement, Aviva Irredeemable Preference Shares, Aviva Preference Shares – FCA Announcement, Analyst Presentations: the Unlevel Playing Field, Sustainable Finance Action Plan, Weir, Running Out of Gas, InvestorEase to Close, Safestyle/ Carpetright/ IDOX, Naming and Shaming Fund Managers, Persimmon AGM, Beaufort and the Regulators: US Prosecutors Expose Wide Ranging Scam, Blancco: ShareSoc Campaign Update, Retailers, GKN – Melrose, GKN and Melrose – The Reality, The Sage of Omaha, The Dangers of Share Tipping, Alliance Trust, AIM Regulation, Black Box Governance Thinking at the IoD, Which Is The Cheapest Platform?, Conviviality, Material from Recent ShareSoc Events, AGM Reports & Presentations, Events Calendar

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