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National Pensions Tracing Day 31 Oct 2021

From Cliff Weight, ShareSoc Director

A friend from Punter Southall, sent me a round robin email and I thought all ShareSoc members would find it of interest and many would find it useful to help them find their investments.

Hello and good morning.  You are one of just 30 people I have chosen to send this message to.

National Pension Tracing Day (NPTD) is coming up this weekend and I’m hoping that you can support the campaign in some way, whether that’s with your clients or nudging family/friends to re-trace their pension history.

A bit of background

NPTD is an initiative to re-unite the nation with an estimated £19.4 billion of ‘lost’ pensions in the UK (see press release). It’s such a huge sum of money that could make a difference to member outcomes – and the DWP believe it’s set to get much worse because of auto-enrolment. But it’s not all bad news because estimates also show that roughly 1 in 30 adults could find a pension, and to me that feels like a much more accessible figure – we all know 30 people !  So, perhaps someone in your network could find a pension.

NPTD is this coming Sunday when the clocks go back (31st October). Our promotional teams have called on the industry to help us ‘generate noise’ for this important cause, so that we can collectively create a sense of momentum whereby individuals use the extra hour to join the ‘great pension treasure hunt’.

Alongside supporters from various media outlets and from within the pensions industry (e.g. Aviva, Smart Pension, Hargreaves Lansdown, Henry Tapper) we know that professional networks, employers and trustees could and should have a meaningful voice in supporting this mission.

Helping employers and Trustees communicate

To help employers and Trustees spread the message further, we have developed Employer toolkit’ and also a Trustee version. This includes a range of ‘ready to go’ communications that they can download and send out to their employees/Trustees.  The “Tell 30” campaign is one suggestion for spreading the word.   

Tell 30  

If I Tell 30 people who Tell 30 more people… and that cycle continues… then there’s surely a chance of re-uniting a good few pension pots !  So I hope that the website and toolkits are something that you can use.

Anyway, you are one of my 30 !

Thank you and best regards,

  1. Paul Harris says:

    Hi, thats great, but how do you find if you have a pension with an old employer?
    I couldnt see the employee link? Cheere

  2. Hi Paul – Have a look at the official National Pension Tracing Day website:

    There’s a step by step guide too:

    If making changes, be careful of scams, it’s worth having a read of this:

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