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Christmas Contests With Prizes

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This month, we’re running two competitions, asking for your nominations.

Fat Santa Award:

This award will be given to the Chief Executive with the greediest LTIP award, making him too fat to fit down the chimney.
Entries can be on the basis of absolute size of award, or relative to the size or performance of the company.

Scrooge award:

This can be awarded to a CEO or Board, Nomad, or other who has done the most to spoil shareholders’ Christmas. Examples might be company performance, an attempt to take the company private and squeeze out shareholders, poor shareholder engagement or other action to the detriment of shareholders.

You can enter by emailing nominations to by December 24th, putting forward your nomination along with up to 100 words on why your candidate should be the winner. Please put “Christmas Competition” in the subject line of your emails.

If you’re not yet a ShareSoc member, you will be given a Free Associate Membership when you send your nominations.
Entries will be judged by a panel of ShareSoc Directors, and the winner announced in January.

There will be a small prize for the winning contributors, and a lump of coal each for Fat Santa and Scrooge.

…and in January, we shall be running a Good Example Award to set a positive tone for corporate governance in the year ahead. This will be awarded to a CEO, Board or organisation for setting a good example of corporate governance. So get your nominating pencils ready…

Best of luck to the contestants!

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