AZN – AstraZeneca plc Information and Vote Guidance 2023

ShareSoc introduced this new added value voting information service for Full Members only in 2021, providing background information on leading companies and AGM vote guidance. Initially, we are piloting this for FTSE30 companies, plus a few others in the FTSE100. We have decided to continue the pilot in 2023 and are looking at ways to […]

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  1. Cliff Weight says:

    At £186m, AstraZeneca is the largest market cap in the UK stock market (Shell is the second largest UK company) and as the 20 year share price graph shows the share price has increased >4 times, excluding dividends(!). It is a core holding for me and will continue to be so, as will Glaxo which continues to underperform relative to Astra. These global mammoths counterbalance some of my racier Pharma and biotech growth shares I have invested in which have not done so well, 4D Pharma being a notable disaster. Which shows the benefits of diversification.

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