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Interesting AGMs, or not – Rosslyn and Dunelm

This morning I attended the AGM of Rosslyn Data Technologies (RDT) for the first time. I picked up some shares in a deeply discounted placing that qualified for EIS relief a few months back. One has limited time to research a company on offer when a placing comes up. It looked sound enough at the time although the historic financials did not impress. Prospects looked better after an acquisition although this company has been around a long time without becoming a ...

AGM Reports

Rosslyn Data Technologies (RDT) AGM 2019

Today (17th October) I attended the Annual General Meeting of Rosslyn Data Technologies (RDT). This is an IT company that I bought a few shares in a couple of years ago as an EIS investment. It was loss-making then, and still is but is getting near break-even. There were only about half a dozen shareholders present, but they had lots of questions. I only cover the important ones here. New Chairman James Appleby chaired the meeting reasonably well, but left most of ...

Rosslyn Data Technologies (RDT) AGM 2017

The 2017 Rosslyn Data Technologies (RDT) AGM was held on Thursday 19th October 2017, commencing 10:30, at Waterhouse Square, 138 Holborn, London EC1N 2SW. There were just two ordinary private investors (myself and Roger Lawson) present for the entire meeting, although two other long term shareholders turned up towards the end of Q&As. There was also a representative from one of the institutional shareholders, Kestrel Partners (who hold 13.35%), the Company Secretary and the full Board of Directors (minus the Chairman) For ...