ShareSoc Webinar with PCF Bank (PCF), 2 July 2020

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ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, London, June 2019

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ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, Manchester, October 2019

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ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, London, July 2017

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ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, London, June 2016

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Sharesoc Technology Seminar, London, June 2014

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Blog posts

Final Call for London Seminar and Other ShareSoc Events

Company Seminar in London on the 22nd June Next Wednesday we have another of our seminars in the City of London at the offices of Finncap commencing at 4.30 pm. The companies presenting are: - Defenx (DFX) - Security software solutions which is certainly a hot area for investment at present. - AEW UK REIT (AEWU) - An interesting closed end commercial property fund. - Private & Commercial Finance (PCF) - consumer and business finance. Roger Lawson will also be talking about the ShareSoc campaign ...

AGM Reports

Private & Commercial Finance (PCF) AGM Report 2013

A number of us had met PCF at the offices of Daniel Stewart early in 2013. The MELLO/Sharesoc group preferred OPM and that share price has moved significantly. I hold a few PCF instead. I have been in touch with them constantly and this was my first chance to meet the rest of the Board and the Bank of Bermuda nominee. I was the only shareholder present. They were very happy to answer 30 mins of my questions. They had put out ...