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Justin King ex-Sainsburys CEO – Supermarket Supply Chains, Profits and Share Prices

In the present environment its useful to get some insights into what’s happening in the food retail sector and how it's impacting the major players. I came across this 10 minute interview with Justin King which was filmed at the end of March and thought it may be of interest to members. Justin King, Formerly CEO of Sainsbury's and now an advisor to Supermarket Income REIT (LON: SUPR), answers a series of questions for the investor community. Justin discusses the supermarket sector. ...

AGM Reports

Morrisons (MRW) AGM Report 2012

This was held at 11:00 at the company's new HQ in an out-of-the way part of Bradford a couple of miles from the city centre. I imagine they got all sorts of grants to develop this brownfield site. The result (owned outright, as is their way) is an impressive part of their estate. Hoping for a coffee and a chat with someone I arrived early. No such luck, I was ushered to a seat and had to wait out the time. I ...