ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, Manchester, November 2019

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ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, London, October 2019

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ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, London, March 2019

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AGM Reports

ECSC (ECSC) AGM Report 2019

This year’s ECSC AGM was held at at Regus - London Monument, 68 King William Street, London EC4N 7DZ on Wednesday 19 June 2019 at 2.00 pm, The previous two AGMs had been held at the company’s HQ in Bradford, so this was a welcome change in venue for attendees from London and the SE. There were around 15 attendees, which included 5 - 6 ordinary shareholders, the BOD and representatives from Allenby (Nomad and Broker) and the PR agency. For investors who ...

ECSC AGM report (ECSC) 2017

This year’s ECSC AGM was held at the Company’s HQ: 28 Campus Road, Listerhills Science Park, Bradford, BD7 1HR, commencing at 14:00 pm on Friday 16 June 2017. For investors who are unfamiliar with the company, ECSC is a B2B business offering clients a full range of Cybersecurity services, which includes ISO27001 compliance reviews, managed, and monitoring cyber-security for clients, testing client vulnerability to cyber-attacks and a response service for businesses that have been attacked. ECSC was founded in 2000 by Ian Mann ...