ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, London, February 2020

Click here to download Stockopedia Reports for all presenting companies. A report on the seminar from ShareSoc member Damian Cannon can be found here: http://www.damiancannon.com/blog/sharesoc-company-seminar-february-2020/ Report on the seminar from Roger Lawson: I attended ShareSoc's Growth Company Seminar on Wednesday (12/2/2020). These events focus on smaller companies so they tend to be a very mixed bag. I will give some impressions of the companies presenting this week: DX Group (DX.) This is a parcels and document delivery service. In 2015 it hit difficulties after a failed ...

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Inconvenient AGM Times – DX Group

I posted only recently about the inconvenient time and location of the AGM of Dunelm. Another example is DX Group (DX.) who scheduled their AGM for 8.30 am in Iver, Bucks on the 6th December. But after representations from investors they have moved it to 10.30 am. It seems that they did not get many investors turn up for the AGM last year. But bearing in mind the share price collapse over the past year, more are expected this year. It is good ...