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A Review of my Portfolio in 2020

By Cliff Weight, ShareSoc Director Please note I am not qualified to give investment advice, and nothing in this blog constitutes advice. Overview Chris Spencer Phillips reported in a recent blog that his portfolio was up +80% in 2020, after being + 25% in 2019. Congrats and hats off to Chris. I cannot rival that, but I thought readers might find my review of 2020 of interest. My portfolio numbers for 2020 were: Everything – all equities, ISAs, SIPPs, OEICS, etc       ...

Investing for Income – More Than Just Seeking a High Yield

Vanishing Dividends Every week brings news of a major company cutting or suspending its dividend: this week, it was BT. For investors who rely upon dividends for income, the search for a reliable, sustainable dividend becomes ever harder. There are no shortage of commentators who believe that most companies should be putting dividends on hold now. Certainly, the story of Easyjet paying out significant dividends on the same day as it requested a bail out from the government struck many as irresponsible. When ...

AGM Reports

Anglo Asian plc (AAZ) AGM Report 2012

DISCLAIMER: All views expressed are those of the author, who accepts no responsibility for any errors and is not authorised to give investment advice. Do not rely on this report when making investment decisions. This was an excellent AGM with the board of directors of Anglo Asian (LSE:AAZ) being happy to discuss a wide range of issues raised by shareholders. The mood was very upbeat. I attended the meeting with the three shareholders who joined a trip I organised in May 2011 ...