Teesside Gazette, 1 July 2020, Sirius Minerals Shareholders Call for Inquiry quotes SiriusClaim Chairman Paul Anscombe in an article headed "Sirius Minerals shareholders call for inquiry after reports of minister's meeting with rival boss - Investors say they are still waiting for answers over why the Government refused to provide life-saving support" Paul Anscombe, chairman of the Sirius claim group, which is considering legal action on behalf of shareholders, said: “We would like to see a proper select committee inquiry into the process of Government support for Sirius Minerals and their application ...

Daily Mail, 7 March 2020, Small shareholders set for power boost

Small shareholders set for power boost as shake-up may give ... This is Money, 7 Mar 2020: ...Cliff Weight, a director at ShareSoc, another group representing small investors, said: ‘Low rates of voting by individual investors mean opportunists can overly influence takeovers.’...

Yorkshire Post, 26 February 2020, Sirius shareholders face a stark choice

The ShareSoc Sirius Shareholders Group (SSSG), which is supporting small investors in Sirius Minerals, said they now face a stark choice between accepting Anglo American’s “unpalatable” 5.5p per share offer or “the very high probability” of losing everything if they reject it.  See

The Times, 25 February 2020, Sirius Investors must put aside emotions

The Times has published an article based on our vote recommendations paper. We stressed we do not give financial advice and were not making a recommendation.

Investors Chronicle, 30 Jan 2020, Why shareholders votes matter – Sirius Minerals

Cliff Weight, director at campaign group ShareSoc, highlights that this is currently a frustration for Sirius Minerals (SXX), which is unable to directly contact investors held in nominee accounts regarding the takeover bid from Anglo American (AAL). See which is a fairly comprehensive review of the issues. “Individual shareholders can greatly assist in corporate governance, effective company engagement and holding directors to account,” says Mr Weight. Mr Weight says that private investors also tend to be “better than so-called professionals” at ...