Woodford Campaign Update 8 – 31 March 2022

1.     Leigh Day achieved a significant legal milestone and submitted their court proceedings against Link on 27 September. Leigh Day will shortly be submitting their particulars of claim, which is the next key milestone in the legal process.

2.     ShareSoc is planning a free webinar “Woodford – Real Progress” to update everyone on the latest progress on the claim, and news about regulation, retribution and redress. Please reserve the date – 28 June at 6pm. Further details will be sent out in due course. 942 people registered for ShareSoc’s last webinar on September 2021 “Woodford: What Happens Next” webinar with 684 attending. This was our biggest webinar ever and possibly the biggest webinar of its kind. We hope to get even more attendees to the 28 June webinar, as there are 270,000 potential claimants and <25,000 have registered their claim so far.

3.     ShareSoc directors Cliff Weight and Mark Northway met with the Chair and CEO of the Financial Ombudsman, on 2 Nov 2021, to discuss how they were dealing with Woodford claims.

4.     Link have refused to provide a copy of the shareholder register which we want so we can communicate important information of interest to shareholders (i.e. investors in WEIF) – we intend to pursue this request as we regard their position as unacceptable.

5.    Ahead of our June webinar, Leigh Day lawyer Meriel Hodson-Teall is speaking at the TTF Woodford event on Tuesday, April 5th, 12pm-1.30pm: https://www.transparencytaskforce.org/upcoming-events/the-woodford-scandal-and-why-it-really-matters/ .
TTF have supplied us with this free link, saving you their normal £75 attendance fee. Click here to register.

6.     The Woodford debacle continues to attract huge amounts of press coverage, including these recent ones:

7.     With nearly 1,500 ShareSoc Woodford Campaign members, this is the sort of numbers that packs a real punch with the FCA, Government and even Hargreaves Lansdown. The Campaign has socially responsible aims of making the investment world a better place. It perfectly aligns with ShareSoc’s ethos of using legal means to get redress for those who lost money through no fault of their own, of holding to account wrongdoers and fires a warning shot to others.

8.     Sadly the FCA has still not published its report into Woodford. We be raising this (again) when we meet the FCA at our next quarterly review meeting.

9.     We urge everyone to tell their Friends and Family about the Campaign, Leigh Day’s Claim and the webinar. Around 270,000 WEIF investors may be eligible join a claim, but so far less than 10% have done so. Please spread the word! Potentially claimants can recover up to 70% of losses, depending on which claim they join.

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