Sirius Update #3 30 Jan 2020

586 Sirius shareholders have now joined the ShareSoc Sirius Shareholder Group (SSSG) and more are joining at a rapid rate.

Pressure is mounting from the Daily Mail, with our input, for Anglo to consider options that keep shareholders engaged and I can now report two more major press stories in the Telegraph and Yorkshire Post: – It is the second article on this link and you need to register to see it.

We have had a terrific response from the Law Commission, who copied their response to the Secretary of Sate for Business and the CEO of the FCA and FRC. See

and if you are a Full Member of ShareSoc you can see the comments on this in the Sirius Forum on the ShareSoc Members’ Network

We have started a campaign to write to MPs demanding action. Please use the template letter, add your personal details as this will help to force your MP to listen and feel free to add your personal concerns: then email your MP. Google “find my MPs email” to get his/her address or use this link

We have not received a reply to the SSSG committee letter to the Sirius Board of Directors requesting a meeting and further information. To see the 5 page letter go to the ShareSoc Sirius Forum page – sorry, but you will have to be or join as a FULL ShareSoc member to see this. Sirius is currently refusing to meet and stonewalling and adopting delaying tactics to avoid meeting us, in my opinion.

All Sirius shareholders are encouraged to join the SSSG by going here –
and to join ShareSoc as a full member

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