ShareSoc urges shareholders to vote in favour of the removal of Sir Michael Rake as EasyJet Chairman

PRESS RELEASE 30 (21/07/2012)

ShareSoc notes the proposal to remove Sir Michael Rake from his role as Chairman at EasyJet and feels obliged to support it, in the light of the many crucial positions that Sir Michael Rake currently holds.

As well as his role as chairman of EasyJet, Sir Michael Rake is also Chairman of BT Group, Deputy Chairman, senior independent director and chair of the audit committee at Barclays Plc. He is also a non-executive director of McGraw Hill and holds several public roles, including chairing the private equity oversight group and being a member of David Cameron’s business advisory group.
A key role of non-executive directors is to challenge company executives in order to protect shareholders’ interests, as described in the 2003 Higgs report. In order to fulfil this role properly it is necessary for non-executives to become deeply familiar with the companies on whose Boards they sit. Roles such as Chairman and chairing the audit committee of a bank are extremely demanding – if performed properly, and not merely as “placemen”.
For that reason ShareSoc deprecates senior non-executive directors assuming numerous roles and therefore supports this proposal.
Recent corporate scandals, such as the LIBOR rigging which Barclays is implicated in demonstrate the clear need for truly independent and dedicated non-executives, and for such roles not to be simply “jobs for the boys”.

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