ShareSoc – LSE AIM meeting

On 26 Sept 2019, four ShareSoc Directors (Northway, Bentley, Spencer Phillips and Weight) met Marcus Stuttard and 4 other senior executives of LSE AIM to discuss AIM regulation.

This was a wide ranging meeting which both sides agreed was very useful. We updated the LSE on the UKSA-ShareSoc merger and the ShareSoc-SIGnet merger; then proceeded to discuss the Law Commission call for evidence re intermediated securities; Auditors, ARGA, Kingman, Brydon, CMA, etc.; Change of Auditors and the need for clear RNS about this; Patisserie Valerie, which the SFO is progressing; Governance on AIM; AIM regulation and the time taken to progress cases; and the Improved Communication of AIM regulation.

Cliff Weight, Director, ShareSoc

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