ShareSoc Launches new “Internet for Investors” Course

PRESS RELEASE 56 (19/05/2014)

ShareSoc launches its First Educational Offer with a Course entitled “The Internet for Investors”

The individual investor community is split. Some individual investors are highly “web-savvy” and benefit greatly from a range of news and information resources that can be used to improve investment performance. Others, however, are stuck in the web “dark ages” and lack the knowledge and confidence to take full advantage of these tools, putting them at a disadvantage.

In line with our stated mission to improve the investment performance of our members, we are delighted to launch our first investment course, designed to bridge this divide, entitled “The Internet for Investors”. Our experience is that people learn best in a “hands-on” environment. To this end, we are running this at the computer laboratory facilities of the University of Westminster and providing individual attention to course participants.

This is the first of a series of educational offerings ShareSoc will be providing with the aim of levelling the playing field for individual investors and raising awareness of the tips, tricks & traps to avoid, in order to achieve good returns from stock market investing.

Details of the course can be found here:

For further information, please contact:

Mark Bentley
Telephone: 01582 526174

or: Roger W. Lawson,

Deputy Chairman, ShareSoc

Telephone: 020-8467-2686 


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