ShareSoc Investing Basics launch at London Stock Exchange

ShareSoc is delighted to announce the launch of the ShareSoc Investing Basics educational video series.

The series is designed to engage and educate people of all ages about investing. Ten bite-sized episodes offer an irreverent, entertaining and surprisingly informative romp through the basics of investing. Unbiased knowledge, anytime, anywhere, for everyone.

Presented by former BBC business correspondent turned full-time investor, Glen Goodman, with a phalanx of animated graphics to assist him, the series dismantles financial jargon into words anyone can understand, spelling out both the risks and the potential rewards for anyone embarking on their own investment journey.

Investing Basics has been generously sponsored by:

This is Money is partnering with ShareSoc to help the ShareSoc Investing Basics videos reach as wide an audience as possible.

Investing Basics Launch at the London Stock Exchange – 25/10/2022

The launch event took place on 25 October at the London Stock Exchange, preceded by the Closing Ceremony of the Stock Exchange.

HM Treasury Secretary and City Minister, Andrew Griffith MP is excited about our work. He said:

“As City Minister, I was excited to hear about your initiative…. I believe that ensuring a range of different types of investors can access markets easily and at relatively low cost is central to achieving this, and will support growth in the real economy and wealth creation across society.”



Lord Lee with Joe McNab, Aryan Vedhara (who designed the Investing Basics logo), Naomi de Gruchy and Saul de Gruchy. Also present are ShareSoc’s Office Manager Sandra Falvey, General Manager Amanda McTomney and Cliff Weight.

ShareSoc Education Chair, Cliff Weight commented “Investing Basics is the biggest project ShareSoc has ever undertaken and we are delighted by the Press coverage in This Is Money, the ongoing support of our sponsors and distributors of Investing Basics, and the very high profile launch at the London Stock Exchange, with a raft of excellent speakers and an audience of high profile opinion formers combined with many  individual investors. After a vigorous and entertaining Q&A, we were treated to drinks and canapés and a great chance to network and chat with old friends and new.

I was particularly pleased to see 4 young new and aspiring investors present. They are a beacon and a symbol of all the millions we want to see the videos.”

The videos can be watched at

Please watch them and / or forward to all your friends and family.


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