Shareholder Rights and Nominee accounts – Update and letter to BEIS

Our relationships with key opinion formers continue to grow. Peter Parry, Mike Dennis, Mark Bentley and I had a very useful meeting with BEIS on 8 Jan and at their request I have written explaining why the Minister should now act on the nominee account issue. A copy of my letter of 18 Feb is below. (The reason for the long delay in writing this letter was due to illness. It was delayed due my trip to Cambodia and Vietnam, and then I got a nasty infection requiring antibiotics and am only now returning to something like normal health.)

It is now clear that the Law Commission on Intermediated Securities is the right avenue to progress the nominee accounts issues and we are urging those concerned to give it a higher priority.

Robin Mueller letter 18 Feb 2019 – Final

Cliff Weight, Director ShareSoc


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