New FCA consultation on CFDs – Request for help

by Cliff Weight, Director, ShareSoc

The FCA have launched a new consultation on CFDs and “retail derivatives”:

 We are circulating this to members to see if anyone has specific experience and competence to be able to respond – and is willing to help.

The FCA have asked 17 specific questions. Our approach to consultations is to only answer those questions where we have particular knowledge.  We usually write a covering letter highlighting our views about the key issues and then give the answers to the questions raised, but only to those that we wish to respond  to. This approach reduces the amount of time needed to respond to a manageable amount.

Consultations seek information and data and value such in responses, rather than generalised (unsubstantiated) opinions.

If any member wishes to draft the ShareSoc-UKSA response, please contact Cliff Weight via

Please note that your draft will be reviewed by Cliff Weight and Peter Parry (for UKSA) and that ShareSoc and UKSA will have the final editorial control of what is submitted. It should also be noted that any individual is entitle to make a personal response to any consultation and such submissions are welcomed.

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